Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Digital Versicolor

Oh gawd, forgive me shirts. I know for a brief minute I forsook you all for tunics and dresses. But I have returned. It'll be like I never left, y'know? I'll wear you and wash you (following all the instructions on the tag with care and zeal) and pet your softness and spot treat you when a stain begins to harass your downy fibers...just like old times. Now, having said that, I want these shirts:

Cardboard Robot hotness.

Hellz Bellz knocking the usual bitches out the usual boxes.

Married To The Mob offering wise advice to fiscally unaware bitches.
Rebel Eight killin' it as usual.

Someone(s) please but one(them) for me so I won't feel so sad about not having friends here in California. Clothes are the new bffs. Closets are the new Barbie Dreamhouse.

Oh, and I've pulled a V and named this post after a song. Can anyone guess who sings it?



Mz.Sullivan said...

I like that Female CEO shirt too! All those choices u picked are dope. My clothes & shoes talk to me. I love them, even though they are jealous of each other.

Erika said...

Yeah, that MOB shirt is dope right? I love MTTM like a fat kid loves cake haha. You should tell your clothes not to playa hate. Haha.

Lolita Hazed said...

MTTM makes me want to be mean. I like that in a brand.

Mz.Sullivan said...

Okay...i didn't see that Hell Bellz pic shirt on my phone. I have that shirt in red. I so luvs it. I am rocking my Kill Hipster Bitches shirt today...of course, dressed like a hipster...lol!