Friday, August 1, 2008

Retail Therapy

So, while I was perusing all the total hotness the internet has to offer, I stumbled upon this website. Shinzi Katoh probably makes the cutest, most adorable things I have seen since the pancake ring maker. It's bright and poppy, and looks sort of retro modern, and has sayings that don't fully make sense grammatically, but it doesn't even matter! The store is out of the UK, so the prices are in pounds, but you can always convert them yourself. Speaking of prices, everything is super affordable, with postcards costing about three dollars and notebooks around six dollars. They're also having an eggpants awesome 1/2 price sale on their adorable totes! Gawd, this ish makes me wanna be twelve all over again! I think I'll just pretend...

All images via Kingdom of Style

Someone take me to Japanadamerica!! Immediately!!