Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Think I'm In Love But It Makes Me Kinda Nervous To Say So

When reading this, bear in mind that it was written at about 3-something am. So it happened on Monday, k? Thx...

So today, my now ex-boyfriend came over and helped me pack. Everything was so awesome. We could talk and joke and laugh with an easiness we didn't have before. It was like back when we first started dating and we loved being around each other and had fun. The tension, unease, and sadness was gone. We could look at each other and know what we were thinking.

After we had dinner, he helped me pack a little more. I still have shit to pack up, of course, because we got distracted a lot, joking around and finding everything funny. Right before he left, he made me come outside and then he just held me. For a long time, we didn't speak. Then we did, and it was all good things. I told him to put things in perspective. He told me to never say I couldn't do anything. Tears were shed and memories recounted. It was the perfect way to end things. He swore to me he would be in LA in April. I guess that means you'll get to meet this great guy, V!

Then he told me that I was it. I was all he wanted. I told him I hoped he would find a girl that made him so happy, he forgot about how sad he was because of this. He said it would never happen, because there wasn't anyone else for him. Perhaps we really are soulmates, but we're going to have to meet up a lot later in life for it to work.

Oh yeah, and I'm leaving in about six hours to embark on a crazy four day drive to the Valley to start school. I'll see you in LA, V! I sort of hope Sarah Morrison makes a comeback to LA, too. This is it kids. The end.

For now.



Mz.Sullivan said...

awwwww....reminds me of when I broke up with my boyfriend...just less dramatic,and you all didn't move in with each other a month ago...lol! Welcome to Singlehood girlie!

Lolita Hazed said...

The end? Only the beginning, dear! Um, you're gonna be in LA! Think about how many tall, dark and handsome folk will be over there! God, you're gonna have so much fun. You'll have to tell us everything.