Monday, October 6, 2008

Another Weekend Without Makeup

Working in West Hollywood is the bestest. The city abreev is WeHo! The weather's gorgeous, the city's really pretty, and everyone's gay, which is awesome. Even the bums are nice! I offered one half my doughnut and he said "no thanks" and then complimented my haircut! And sometimes the gay guys give me life advice, like when this two guys came in. I was waiting for one of the managers to get something for them so we started talking. He told me about how he backpacked around Italy when he was 18 and befriended this old woman who got him into bars, and his experience with getting drunk for the first time. That led to the subject of the class trip to Italy I took back in my freshman year of high school. He said something about the drinking age of Europe and I mentioned how all we did that trip was get drunk in the hotel rooms and sleep on the tour bus. He told me that I might have gotten too much of a headstart, and that I had the rest of my life to drink. See? Life lessons! Cracking eggs of wisdom!

But you know what's not the bestest? This awful job that allows me to work in West Hollywood. In case you didn't know, dry cleaners is code for slave labor. I'm basically on my feet for 6 or 8 hours a day, save for my 30 minute lunch break, which is fun because I can walk over to Gelson's and buy a cupcake and a turkey sandwich. But otherwise, it's murder. Sometimes people can be really bitchy and, what with the debates and election going on, everyone is talking politics. If I have to listen to anyone else talk about Sarah Palin this/Obama that, I'm going to scream. My job is easy enough though, but trust, I just need the money to put in the deposit on an apt for myself.

Anyway, it's also a really good eye opening experience. Everyone I work with is Hispanic and speaks Spanish. That usually gives people the immediate impression that they are supporting 5 children in a one bedroom apt, or they're here illegally, or they're stupid - all of which are ridic assumptions. Take my coworker Wendy, she's studying to be a registered nurse and gives half her paycheck to her mother, who just had surgery. And my coworker Rosa, she used to do payroll at this little shop but had to quit when her baby was born with a handicap. Or Vivian, she lives by herself and has to support herself. I love getting to dig deep into these people's histories and pasts. I guess it's the writer in me. I find it fascinating.

I still hate this job though. I'm rambling now. What was I talking about? Olivia's moving to LA, so I read. Kthxbai.



Mz.Sullivan said...

See things are picking up...sounds dope.

RMG! said...

Really random, but I went to forever 21 today and I heard a song and the first lyrics was your blogs title.

Erika said...

@Rhea: are they playing Long Blondes in F21 now? Cos that's who sings the song, "Another Weekend Without Makeup"

RMG! said...

Why yes they are.
I just googled the song
I was like hey. I heard those words somewhere before.
This forever 21 always play the best mixes of songs when I go in there, but I never know who the artists/song titles are.

J.E.W.E.L.S said...

i love your blog. i just felt like telling you that.