Friday, October 24, 2008

Fame Is Wasted On The Infamous

I was just thinking to myself, while slowly twiddling my thumbs and idly my time away waiting for my boyfriend to send me my old White Rice drafts, that we are all so talented. And not in that, "Oh, everyone is special in their own way" kind of meaning, but that we are all actually, legitimately talented.

Alex has a byline in a national cheer mag, V should pretty much be writing music related columns in a hip music magazine based in the ungentrified part of Brooklyn, Sarah (of the Lolita relation) has a way with words like no other, and let's face it: I'm awesome.

Just kidding you guys.

But really, we are the youngest members of the Peach Pit (which I still think is cute), and we have so much talent that it's basically oozing out of us. Ewww...gross...But it's never going to go anywhere because we have no ways of getting it out there. Which is why I want to get back in White Rice so badly, because here we are, in the best time to be alive (really though, even with the economy, we're basically living in a time where culture is teetering on the precipice of becoming a serious free-for-all, an explosion of personal creativity and expression) and I want to take advantage of everything. Every time I pass an empty storeroom with a For Lease sign on it, I want to buy it up and make it White Rice HQ. I daydream about sending famous-ish people emails asking them to write short columns. I have a dream but no connections, a will without a way.

If I don't have to buy alcohol or rent a car, why shouldn't I be able to accomplish everything now? Where is this supposed "min age" that is written into people's minds? Maybe it is my "world is my oyster" naivete that is pushing me to believe that I can do it all, and do it all now. In any case, I think fame is wasted on those who choose to do nothing with it. There are so many people out there who just need that chance, to really change the world. Geniuses, masters, brilliant people, who can revolutionize everything, have dreams that are dying everyday because they are not going anywhere.

But the future is coming sooner than we think.



Lolita Hazed said...

Girl, your kind words mean so much :-) God, the Peach Pit really is just so unbelievably special! I'm so glad to be a part of it, you have no idea. And you're right-- this is a brand new frontier! I mean, come on, you have comedians being discovered on YouTube, bloggers get book deals (a friend of a friend being one), MySpace gets bands discovered-- there's so much possibility! And did you know that now, Yale accepts YouTube work in resumes? Just think about all the people who will someday follow suit!
The world really is our oyster. It's strange, but in this digital age we have SO MUCH at hand. For example, you have just totally wowed me this year. You've only had The Disco for less than a year and in that short of a time, you got Sarah Morrison wowed by your writing and now you blog for Missbehave! Damn, if you can do THAT much in THAT short of a time, who knows what else you could do?
E, I love you. Really. You're sincerely great, and I TRULY believe this is possible! Show Planet Earth you mean business!

"Life is a question of disillusionment. You are meant to become cynical. But I cannot accept this destiny! I still believe we can change the world."
--Marjane Satrapi

Valentina said...

Aww, this is so adorable! I agree that we're all kind of mad talented. Reading everyone else's stuff is so crazy inspiring and cool...I love that there are so many other interesting girls out there who are not only cool, but smart and ridiculously funny. I totally think that we should all work on White Rice once you get it started up. No for serious, lets actually do it this time. You know I would be so down to help you out on this.

E you are awesome. For reals. Who else would have inspired all this blog madness? Who else would have brought together the Peach Pit?

Lolita Hazed said...

We've really got your back, no lie. If you're in, we all are.

MACK said...

no better time than now!

Say the word, Erika--we're right behind you.