Saturday, October 4, 2008

Hey, Here's Some Things That'll Occupy Your Time!

Glurgh, I have to be at work all day today. If you have a decent, God fearing job that lets you work full time or does not pay you a $/hr type wage, chances are you have today off. Cheers. Luckily for me, I fucked myself over with this class schedule and thus can only work part-time, which inevitably calls for weekends. I swurr, next semester I'm going to get right.

Anyways, since I'll be at work from 1230 till 9 I won't be here to update you precious people out there on the inner trappings of my life and mind. And since V and I are supposed to be LA'in it after I get off work, I basically won't be near my lappy all day. So I'll try and satiate you guys with some random things that don't add up to a legit-ly cohesive blog post but are interesting enough and kinda cool.

1. Did you know that in Alaska, some people call a really basic lamp a bitch? Yeah, neither did I until my English Comp Professor gave us this weird/cool word connotation essay and we started doing research. I guess there are more bitches in Alaska than I thought!

2. Sleeping In The Aviary has a new single out. Here you go.

3. Does anybody remember Cool Kid? Oh wait, sry, I should explain. Cool Kid is what I call that kid, whose name is Eduardo (Eddie for short), when I'm talking about him to other people, like my boyfriend, who is always telling me, "I don't want you hanging out with Cool Kid!" And then we laugh. Anyway Cool Kid is only 17 yrs old! How intense is that? Once I found out I was confused and disappointed at the same time. I wanted to fuck that boy, not statutorily rape him. Oh well...and there goes the dream...

4. I am trying to eat healthier these days. Rly I am. Today I had watermelon instead of...ummm...the stale cookies in the pantry, and last night I had oranges even though they tasted really shitty. I think that's because they were a day old when I ate them. Oh well. And I have been eating corn out of the can. It's fantastic. Sadly I am still a fatty moocow so in conjunction with eating healthier, I will be buying bigger clothing. No fail weight loss!

5. My one year anniversary is coming up in December. It sort of hit me suddenly, because I have never been one to dwell on anniversaries, mostly because I find them to be silly and unnecessary. But then again, I have never been with the same person for a year, so this is kind of a big deal. My boyfriend and I love Band of Horses. He bought me the LP for Christmas. "No One's Gonna Love You" is our song. It's dorky, I know. His anniversary present for me, aside from something material (gawwwd I hope he got that hint for new perfume!!!) is tickets to see Band of Horses when they come to the Variety Playhouse in Atlanta. It will be amazing, obvi.

6. On the note of anniversaries, I had a friend in high school who not only discouraged me from getting involved with my boyfriend, but constantly yammered on about her relationship. Her age difference was 4 yrs. Mine was 5. She celebrated anniversaries for each month and bragged to me that her boyfriend did this, her boyfriend said that: "Oh well my boyfriend has a car, yours doesn't, and my boyfriend doesn't smoke around me, but when I saw yours he was smoking and drinking pretty heavily." I never got to say what I wanted back to her because a) I'm not one to brag shit up like that. When good things happen to me, I keep them to myself or tell people who care, and b) we graduated before I could say something. But guess what bitch? My boyfriend is buying a car so he can be the one to pick me up from the airport at Christmastime. And he quit smoking. And he only drinks 2 beers max these days. He's smart, responsible, and likes me for my ass AND my brain, not just because I'm a mindless twat who looks cute because she has the face of a 12 year old, the maturity of a 15 year old, and the conservative judgment of a 40 year old. Well I feel better!

7. Along with the fabulous Mz. Sullivan, Baby Sinead, and the other people in the Top Blogger competition, I am happy to say that I too will be blogging over at Missbehave in the near future. I was afraid to say anything, too worried about jinxing it, but after talking to Shmarah, it is pretty much confirmed.

8. I ordered that uber fab Princess of the Posse sweater today. For Lolita Hazed's pleasure, as well as mine, I will be taking photos of it upon arrival.

9. Apparently, a "fat tire" is a type of beer. I had no idea. I guess it is good? I've never had it, obvi. I'm a microbrew type of girl. Call me elitist and snobby all you want, but Pabst tastes like sewer water and Guinness tastes like rubbing alcohol. Sidenote: don't ever drink Guinness while eating an old doughnut. Obvi you know better, but I did not.

10. I just like even numbers. Oh, and download this song. I'm uber nice and don't mind sharing, so I hooked myself up with a zShare account so I could share this amazingpants song with you guys! It's my favorite track off Neptune City and I love it not only because I happened to hear it when I was stuck in traffic in Hollywood and it fit the scene so perfectly, but also because of the lyrics: "I've been taken too far/ I cracked when I tried to press my luck/ Hoping you would come pick me up" Gawdddd, I so feel like Nicole Atkins gets me.




MACK said...

blogging at Missbehave--did somebody say living the dream?!

MACK said...

Shmarah <--- its hysterical that you refer to her as that.

you're amazing, E. write a book! ill buy it!

Erika said...

Oh haha, believe me, a book is not too far off. Once my classes chill down I'm penning some gold!
I call her Smarah because if you don't read the Missb blog you don't get the reference and it doesn't sound like I'm name dropping, which is just gross.

Lolita Hazed said...

I'm SO JEALOUS. God, girl, good for you!

In regards to the whole eating healthier thing, it's really weird, but if you buy a bunch of food that looks good from Whole Foods and grocery stores like that, you seriously start just craving healthy food by default. No joke! I did, and I'm eating pretty damn healthily now-- seriously, it just works!