Friday, October 10, 2008

Uninsured Drivers Are My Favorite Kind!

For some reason, this is the picture that pops up when you google fender benders. Enjoy!

A few days ago, I was on the way to the Student Health Center. I was, la, la...and then something caught my eye. I swear I looked away for ONE second and when I turned my head the weirdo in front of me thought it would be fun to brake right in the middle of street. My brakes are kind of crappy, so when I slammed them on, I still skidded right into the back of my spontaneous friend.

I had an "Oshit!" look on my face for almost a minute because I was expecting some mad angry kid to come storming over to me, pointing fingers and screaming and whatnot, but no one came. I actually had to go up to the car and basically say, "I hit you, do you want my information?" The kid in the car said, "Uhhh..lemme take a look at it." Granted there was no damage, but I bet I could have taken his bumper off and he would have done the same thing.

He was like, "There's no need to do anything."

I was so excited I gave him a hug. He was sort of nerdy so I assume he doesn't get many hugs from girls. Or maybe he does, maybe he's a nerdy man whore. Who knows?

At the grocery store, I told this story to my mom and she was like, "He probably didn't have insurance."

And then I said, "I want to hit people without insurance more often!"



narrylikes said...

same thing happened to me, the road was wet and the car skidded and at this point i had no control really... so i hit the car in front of me. luckily, my happy customers decided to drive off and they even ran a red light. hmmm, maybe they were scared of some DUI? who knows, my car was okay and theirs? not so much! oops.

Lolita Hazed said...

Gurl, that's FABULOUS. You probably made his day, I bet not many hot chicks give him hugs.

Anonymous said...

hahaha, the best accident ever! Especially the huge with the nerdy man whore. you made his day...and mine!