Friday, October 17, 2008

His And Her Blogs

Okay, so today I was innocently watching TV when I got a text from my bf, Sam, saying he revived his old blog. Now, you all remember how I said I never told any of my family or supremely close loved ones (boyfriend, best friends in the A) about my blog. In fact, when my bf told me he used to have one I went, "What? You had a blog?" all incredulously and whatever-ly, but with that chuckle and nervousness in my voice (you know, the kind you get when you're trying to cover something up).

So anyway, I got the text saying that his old blog was up and that he knew I probably didn't care about that sort of thing, but to check it out anyway. And being the closet blogger I am, I did. Cheese and rice, I knew he was super existential and introspective, y'know, from talking to him, but he gets super deep and intense and sometimes I have to break out a dictionary.

But yeah, the boyfriend's all over Wordpress like melted ice cream on the sidewalk. And I loves me some free press, so check him out. If you get lost, you're not alone. And let's just hope I manage to get mad famous and still keep this bastard lovechild a secret.



RMG! said...

I feel the same way about my ex. He's so...deep. He doesn't let a lot show, so when you read his blogs they are so honest and amazing. You get to see what he hides most of the time.

I loled when you said you have to break out the dictionary because I totally had to do the same thing.

Mz.Sullivan said...

I peeped the bf blog...u right, Mad confusing. Lol! Oh, and Lono does parties out in LA, along with the magazine ish. I will give him a holla, so maybe you can catch him at one of his events. He is a really dope guy.