Friday, October 3, 2008

Where In The World Is Valentina San Diego?

Has anyone heard from V? I haven't? Last night she emailed me and a text msg later...nothing. V, where are you? Did those Pomona kids trap you in their room and make you listen to Vampire Weekend while tying knit sweaters around your shoulders and offering you cocaine? We have to celebrate my new job tonight! We're supposed to go to the strip club!

Where are you girl?

Don't be surprised if V's face pops up on the side of a milk carton soon.



Valentina said...

I wish my friends here cared about me this much. I try texting them and they ignore me. And than go out without me. one loves me.

Erika said...

Yeah, I got worried and thought, what's the best way to find V? The internet! I dunno, it's only 6:30. If you don't have a shitload of things to do tonight we can still hang.