Sunday, October 19, 2008

Drop Dead Gorgeous

Um, I kind of forgot that this was the best movie ever. I almost wish pageants were like this. But, then again, maybe in the Midwest, they are. I also happen to love movies shot like documentaries, like Best in Show or For Your Consideration. They seem funnier than normal movies. Oh and plus I totally learned my Minnesota accent from this movie. Sometimes, when I get really excited, I start going, "Oh crayup, oh crayup!" And did I mention that I know own this movie? Yeah, I found it at Amoeba for like 1.99. Um, so you guys can come over and watch it anytime. We can follow it up with my newly acquired Spice World.



Jtalk said...

Ah you own spice world no wayyyy, I love that movie I have it in my house some where... I need to go searching for it.

Lolita Hazed said...

Both Spice World and Drop Dead Gorgeous are camp MASTERPIECES. My family still quotes the latter when under pressure exactly the same way you do! The music from the movie is so cool, too. God, I love '90s alternative. The song when Kirsten Dunst does her little tap routine is my personal favorite.

We should watch those if there's ever a Peach Pit sleepover, and there needs to be.

Angelica said...

OMG the best best part is that creepy "song" thing denise richards does and then whips out that jesus doll and starts dancing with it all around the stage, seriously the creepiest funny thing ever!