Friday, October 17, 2008


So a few days ago, Wendy, my coworker and resident Mexicano amiga, taught me this super cool phrase: FTP.

I was like, "What does that mean?"

She was like, "Fuck that puta." Which basically means fuck that bitch in English. Her super gangsta fifth grade cousin taught it to her. So...we're afraid our children will be learning about same sex marriage in school, but not super expletive-y words? Huh.

But! I've found that you can use this phrase just about anywhere, for anything. Like when a piece of paper fell on the ground and Wendy didn't pick it up, I said, "Don't FTP that paper!" Or when someone does something stupid, you can say, "FTP that fool." It's like LOL or LMAO or even ROTFL, if you want to go that far. Basically, it's all I've been saying. Now you too should use it because you'll be in like Flynn with your Latino hermanas and hermanos.

FTP homies, FTP.



lolitahazed said...

Erika, thank you for having my back. I've always wanted to be street-smart. I'm so gonna use this!

Dinah said...

You know what's fucked up? My middle school taught us that saying people were homosexual was a bad thing. They also told us gay people were bad. This was a secular southern school.

Chinga la puta!