Tuesday, November 18, 2008

All I Want For Christmas Is...This Giant List Of Stuff

So Lolita Hazed has brought up Christmas shopping. And it's scary because we only have 40 days to make our friends' and fam's holiday deepest desires into realities. Luckily for me, I have no friends and therefore have no problems getting gifts!

Just kidding, but really, luckily for me, I don't have too many special people in my life and so I only have four people on my shopping list. Also luckily, I know my homeslices like my nail polish collection: inside and out. So shopping isn't too hard for them.

But. I rarely ask for Christmas presents, and usually just suggest something simple if prodded, like perfume or something on vinyl. However, this year, I think I'm gonna cash in on all those years of being a complacent gift receiver. So here's my tentative list:

a pair of lace up boots with a 2 to 3 inch heel
pink hi-top chucks
money for my tattoo (final deicision: i am going to get the words in the hustle i trust in a banner on my forearm. it will be bitching)
catholic saint candles
the new earlimart cd
more black leggings
this record player so i can give mine to my mom (so she can listen to her english beat and stevie wonder albums in peace)
more eyeliner
these cups and these cups
this notebook
a vest. just one. i just need one.
a new pair of flats. my toes are poking out of all mine.
a haircut. please.
a new bottle of perfume. preferably this one.

Um, thanks. Merry Christmas.



RMG! said...

Random question, but what do you do with your bangs in the heat?

I had bangs about 4 yrs ago and as soon as the summer months hit they were curling all over the place.

Valentina said...

haha I totes reviewed the Earlimart cd for my radio station a few weeks ago! Too bad i can't steal it for you, but i fear the wrath of the KSPC gods.