Sunday, August 17, 2008

Blogging On Liquor Does Not Make Things Quicker

I am running out of post ideas. Maybe blogging master Sarah Morrison can help? Things are not flowing out of my mind freely and without warning. She is thinking about bookmarking my page so only say nice things about her girls! We will make her shitty days great! Right?

On a positive note, I am watching the Aqua Teen Movie for the second time. On a negative note, my boyfriend yelled at me in the car. It was like one of those ishes where dudes hit you and then say, "I am so sorry, I only do it because I love you." Only insert verbal slaps instead of physical ones.

We got a six pack of Sweetwater Ale and a box of rainbow M&M cookies and ate them on the roof tonight. Then I got to sit down and watch the Britcoms while Clint modeled his new amp and my boyfriend picked up his old mail.

Too bad this night could not have been documented con photos and such. Sry everyone. I left my camera in the living room.

Dinner was fantastic. I love chicken and fish tacos and fetus burritos. Those are burritos big enough to be fetuses, just to clear that up. Kay...Oh and then we hung out at the sewer runoff and had some more beer. Yes, this really is how boring my life is. It's not exciting due to my prominent cult blogger status. I'm not off signing headshots at conventions, or doing flaming shots with Brazilian showgirls.




Valentina said...

haha, girl you have become a cult blogger! That's so crazy but really cool! Don't worry, I've been low on ideas lately too. Once we get to LA I think we'll get more inspired. At the very least we can talk about our LA related adventuring. That'll be interesting, right?

Erika said...

Oh my god, this post is kind of embarrassing since I wasn't fully here when I wrote it. It's sort of funny, but still kinda weird and embarrassing. No...internet + booze don't mix well indeed.