Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Life Over At Myspace High

So I kind of hate Myspace. It's really just a way for uber creepy dudes to spam you like crazy and leave way disturbing messages in your inbox talking about your obvious sexiness or DSL-related oddness. It's also a way for any one single person at your school to find you, say some shit, and still remain completely anonymous. Oh yeah, and it's a way for Myspace hoes to fill your bulletin folder with different methods pertaining to fucking them. You know, so you have options.

But lately I have been on Myspace far too much, you know, chatting with people I enjoy chatting with, but I have also been following this ongoing Myspace drama that's been unfolding in the bulletins folder faster than wet origami.

I assume everything started off with a rumor. Some girl is left confused because she doesn't know what was said or what she's accused of doing. Then apparently her "bff" is unforgiving. Fast forward a million "what did I do?" bulletins later. Said "bff" has blocked some girl on Myspace. Some girl changes her screen name to something of the "Oh No You Didn't" variety. She tells the "bff" that she's done kissing ass and that all her "friends" can kick rocks. All of this, of course, is spelled in Lolcatz. Then some girl changes her screen name to a variation of "Fine Fuck You." I assume from that the "friendship" has been e-dissolved.

Confusing? Hilarious.

Oh, and I have been watching a lot of Divorce Court lately. I really need cable.



Anonymous said...

OH MY GAH! tell me about it. NO, it was really bad. next time i'm really going to try and take a picture of everyone single douche bag.

did you know that christian audigier had his own special trade show? @ ceasers. i can bet it was filled ginos, trash bags & HUGE d&g sunglasses.

gross. like, if i see either shirts. ed hardy by christian audigier or a straight up christian audigier shirt ,i will seriously lose it. prepare to see me on the national news.

Chris said...

that is a trip...for real. I dont even fool with myspace so much anymore...facebook is way more interesting!

Erika said...

Really? I don't mess with Facebook cos I'm too afraid of everyone I went to high school with finding me and suddenly wanting to be online bff's or something.

Myspace is old school (and trifling) but no one can find me!