Monday, November 24, 2008

Cat On A Cactus!

So the pics from the CD x Revolve party are up! Here's the whole album, but I picked a few photos of the people I knew, so you know, I could say I knew them and you guys would know I'm not crazy. Even though I'm crazy.

Oh and I totes need to work on my party pic faces. I don't get it. I stand in front of the mirror for at least 45 min before every party I go to, making faces and expressions and I always look stupid in every picture I take a said party. It's a vicious cycle.

Alright, here's me and Ellei. What is going on? Why am I waving? Where I am looking to? Why the hell did I cover up my POP sweater with my free scarf? I look like I was Photoshopped into this picture. I wasn't though, swearz.

Here's Skye. She was jammin' in the DJ booth. I think she told me she knew Posso. She showed me this pair of sequined leggings which were beyond the beyond.

This dude was the shiznat. As soon as I walked into Revolve he took me aside, told me I was the cutest thing ever, and said that I could have anything I wanted and needed, as long as I stuck with him. He introduced me to Skye, actually. Then he started getting pretty tipsy and asked me if I could tell he was drunk. I said no, obvi.

Alright. That's it. Just so you know I'm not crazy. Just un-photogenic. Oh and cat on a cactus is totes my new catchphrase. It's, basically.



Lolita Hazed said...

Okay, this is seriously adorable. Your picture with Ellei is too cute! And GOD, do I understand your feelings about party pic face. I can't get that shit right for all the gold in El Dorado. I'm way too awkward for it. I'm just gonna look at these pictures and keep on being jealous. I dream of champagne sno-cones, by the way. Were the leggings free? I want free stuff in my life.

Erika said...

No, the leggings weren't free...but they were 15% off. Skye was telling me I could just tell her which pair I liked and she would get them for me but the ones I reeeeally wanted weren't even for sale. Bleh. They were bomb, black velvet with little gold studs on them.

But the scarves were free and there were dudes to screenprint cool patterns onto them.

Mz.Sullivan said...

Looks fun! Ellei was supposed to come to Chicago...oh well, nothing new.

Carsi said...

that looks like it was some serious fun. :-) I need to start going to
Brooklyn more, I think Long Island is lacking in Missbehavers, or maybe it's just me.

MACK said...

they're in LI, they just like to hide out. seek and ye will find!

or come to queens, next best thing :)