Friday, November 21, 2008

Being Poor CAN Be Funny

We were talking about minimum wage and living conditions these days in my English class today. Instead of super analyzing and getting mad intellectual, we just ended up swapping stories from our past min wage jobs.

This one is my favorite. This dude named Juan told it to us and we were all cracked up for a good five minutes straight.

"I had this job once where I had to wear a suit. So I bought one and the motherfucker paid me less than the suit."

This just in: poor, even now, can still be funny.



lolitahazed said...

Poor has always been funny! Is it sad that I've thought this since I was a child? I guess I got it from cartoons that lampooned the poor. It's interesting but true-- ANYTHING can be funny. The subject doesn't matter, but the wording does.
This philosophy is why I love George Carlin.