Sunday, November 16, 2008

"You Rock Like A Girl." - "Thank You."

Man...I wish I could have spent my formative and angst-ridden teenage years in the 90s. But noooo. I had to blossom in the gross '00s. Not important. Important is the fact that I spent an entire hour last night reading up on Kathleen Hanna. Important is the fact that she has become my Gloria Steinem.

Important is the fact that I spent two and a half hours listening to 90s riot grrrl rock music from the Muffs, the 5,6,7,8's, Free Kitten, Lunachicks, and Hole. Important is the fact that tonight, I bought my first Bikini Kill record.

Really important is that I found the video for this song (btw, one of my favorite songs in ever). I wish I had been a teen when grunge was in. I would get a pair of lace-up boots, patterned tights, and sundress, and put this song on whilst leaning over the bathtub to die my hair blue. Now enjoy.

Oh yeah, and important is the fact that once I go back to Atlanta and get to drum again, I will so totally be starting a garage band. It will so be awesomeplus.



lolitahazed said...

GAWD Kathleen Hanna is one of the ultimate riot grrl heroes!! She's such a crazy bitch and yes, a highly-admirable feminist. Much like RiotBecki from The Pipettes, I do believe riot grrl music was too short-lived and needs a revival! Which Bikini Kill CD did you get?

Erika said...

Actually, I got their first EP, from '91, on vinyl. It's pretty badass. I was listening to it this morning as I was getting dressed and felt totally rawr!