Thursday, November 20, 2008

I Am Loving The Ugly!

So, um, whoa, is it just me or is this new season of Ugly Betty getting amazing-riffc?! Sure, shitty and weird things are happening to the supporting characters, but Betty has been basking in some well deserved happiness! I am all about this newfound joie de vivre! She got a fantastic downtown apt and moved in next to this super cute guitar playing wonder boy! (Even if wonder boy did totally makeout randomly with Amanda and temporarily crush Betty's poor heart) Things are getting sort of tricky for her here and there, but she's still managing to stay optimistic and passionate!

Okay, maybe I am also just loving Betty because I can basically identify with her constantly. Not to mention the fact that her clothing is getting more clashy and therefore 32784937629% more awesome.

I don't want this season to end. Ever. Even if it has to run for 70 more years, till I'm dead. Oh wait, I just remembered I'm killing myself at 30. So if they could just run this season for 12 more years pls. Kthx.


Anonymous said...

12 more years? jesus i didnt realize how young you are.
anyway- i havent been too into the past few seasons but now i like ugly betty enough to look forward to it. i like how it is not wilhelmina scheming every episode- the evilness has been kindof sucked out of it and im liking it!
greys anatomy- on the other hand- is fucking horrible now. cancel, pls.