Thursday, November 20, 2008


Since I know you guys are genuinely interested in the state of White Rice Magazine (my most exciting endeavor and bastard child of a feminist startup magazine), I thought I would let you know what's going on with it.

So I got the old drafts that were printed up about a year ago and after I read over them, I realized that White Rice surriously needs a facelift. But more than that, it needs a concept. The poor thing was seriously lacking in theme and cohesion. That's the first thing to be fixed.

Secondly, the White Rice I was writing focused on music, books, movie, and fashion. Is there anything else anyone can think of throw in there? Maybe art or social events?

And awesomely enough, I've been reading up on creating flash websites in the hopes that we could produce White Rice as an online magazine (making it easier to communicate ideas between the many states we reside in since we can all look at the same thing at once, and making it more accessible and cheaper to create!). It looks easy enough, but I have a feeling a little AV nerd seduction is in order to make this a reality.

So that's it everyone. Things are still very much in their infant stages, but I'm looking forward to 2009 for the opportunities it will present.

Oh and V and I have the launch party planned out. Free beer, cheese, and crackers for everyone who attends!



Lolita Hazed said...

Aww, le sigh... I wish I could hit up that launch party. The fun levels are just unimaginable.
I definitely think current events should play a role, because I love it when the magazines I read take an interest in that stuff. It's important. I think sex and health is also a good area to cover. Theme though? Damn, I don't know. Ooh, random suggestion! It would be hella tight though if there was kind of a rough, high-school doodle-ish aesthetic to the pages! That would be super '90s and awesome.

Taking it online really is a fabulous idea. After all, stuff happens so quickly, as I learn from Jezebel-- in a time when news can be spread in seconds, it's so easy for information to be delivered too late-- even when it's late by a day. Plus, eco-friendly!

Valentina said...

Ah AV nerd seduction is pretty much required for everything in my life. Le sigh. I love the idea of making it have a rough, hand-drawn kind of feel. Like all the old school zines or whatevs.

Ok blah blah blah, i have to go do stuff with my life and get off the computer now.

MACK said...

online is the way to go these days, excellent idea. a concept is def. a MUST. without it, White Rice will be doomed. I think current events (ie- politics and other weird shit) should be included. believe it or not, im a journalism nerd in the most traditional sense of the word. i'm talking ny times bookmarks and everything. so a little news here and there plus social issues with a white rice twist will def. be cool.