Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm Sofa King Excited!

Not just because I am moving, but because nothing but good things are happening! It turns out that not only does my boyfriend not have cancer anymore, but he's moving too! Long, slightly sad and personal story short, he was living with his father and nothing was going well there. They don't have the best relationship. So he got together with his art friend and her friend and decided to rent this house out from this dude. I hear it's gorgeous and cheap and whoo! and yea!

It's like we've all hit our senior years (metaphorically, of course). We were weighed down by our schoolwork and the heavy hand of the principal and teachers, plus the pressure to get into the right college...but now all that's done. We've been accepted into our schools of choice, after months of sacrifice to study, passed our tests, and now we're just waiting, scribbling hearts onto desk corners, pretending to pat attention in class...with our eyes on the prize. People can't touch us. We put in four long years and now we're almost out. We won.

Does anyone get that metaphor? It's really working for me now. I'm at complete peace. I can't stop crying. For the first time in my entire life, they're tears of joy.



lolitahazed said...

Wow! No... I totally get it. These past few years have been unbelievably hard but this has certainly been the hardest, but now it's almost over. I get it-- I'm a part of the first class to graduate under Barack Obama. I think we've been on some sort of rollercoaster or something, and the long push up the hill is almost done... and then comes the fun part!

Mz.Sullivan said...

You go girl!

MACK said...

so i've been wallowing in my depression for a longggg time and i just realized i miss reading/speaking to you via blogger! now i'll neglect my homework and catch up on The Disco.


Dinah said...

Gulf Coast, muthafuckaaas!