Tuesday, November 25, 2008

No Mas Antelones!

I have no idea what the word for ant is in Spanish. I just call them antelones since it rhymes with pantalones and sounds really cute. Plus screaming No Mas Antelones really loud is sorta fun. Anyway, I'm having this mildly serio ant problem here in La Casa Del Diablo aka my apt. Obvi this is because my flighty, inconsiderate roommates like to leave the patio door open without closing the screen door. I've told them time and time again to close it (it's a fucking sliding screen door, why is it so hard to close? you are already up opening the patio door!).

So instead of walking all over the place the ants seemed to have conglomerated next to the couch. Actually next to the right hand side of the couch. Actually just on the right arm of the couch. I don't understand either. They cause me no inconvenience except for the fact that I put my food on the right arm of the couch.

What I am really trying to say through this touching and charming anecdote is that these ants need to vamanos. Really. Does anyone know how to get rid of ants without having to like buy expensive traps and whatnot?

I've just been spraying them with Lysol and swearing at them but it's not getting the point across. Sometimes I don't even think they're listening...



Olivia Allin said...

1. Inconsiderate roommates suck, I am super considerate, therefore, I will totally take you up on your offer of living with you and Sarah in fact, I would totally be the happiest person ever and bake you guys cakes everyday and give you pedicures and do that toilet rim cleaning thing and offer up all my belongings. Serio.
2. Ants are the worst...try making a hill of brown sugar near your yard but far enough away...then when they've found it, build a moat around your house. Or maybe lead them to your roommates rooms so it becomes a problem for them.
3. i forgot 3
4. My friend Eve was on the Disney show BugJuice.
5. Ant in Spanish is "hormiga" which is indeed, way less cute than antalons!

Erika said...

Omigawd Olivia we would be more than happy to have you! It will be an air mattress orgy in there since there will be no furniture and definitely no beds!
1. I will look into that moat. For more personal reasons.
2. I still remember most of the BugJuice theme song.
3. I'm gonna keep calling them antalones. For the kitsch factor, if anything.
4. If you live with me, you have to be willing to eat a lot of food, talk about food, and perhaps watch food related television extensively.
5. My favorite kind of cake is chocolate on chocolate.
That is all.

Da Hunni Toya said...

omg I hate ants...ewwwww

lol i remember that movie ants tho

Olivia Allin said...

I never stop eating food...or watching food...or making food. It's become a problem. But air mattresses are awesome and you can totally meet Eve from Bug Juice cause she lives in LA now. That is all. I'm so very excited!

Lolita Hazed said...

Ohai, Olivia Allin! Welcome to the Peach Pit!