Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm Moving! And Other Interesting News!

That's right bitches! I'm relocating! But not to awesome super cool have fun Hollywood like I'd wanted, mostly because I'm too poor to. And I have no one to live with, so my poor ass has to make rent alone. But oh well. Instead I am moving to not fun super boring kinda hot mostly empty Calabasas, CA. Does that sound familiar? It should. The Kardashians live there too. So with my move it should up the population to a whopping eight.

I'll be shipping up and shipping out in mid January, and I couldn't be more excited to get away from this hellhole apt. Plus the new apt has a washer/dryer in it so no more of this washing clothes twice a month to save time and money. Booyah!

And in other interesting news, my bf sent me my old drafts and copies of White Rice! Which means we can be in business pretty soon with this stuff! V and I worked ourselves up into a frenzy talking about it. There're no plans for the mag yet, but a launch party with beer and crackers is in the works!

Also, I'm going back to Atlanta in two weeks so expect fun tales and some not so live blogging! AND...I JUST BOUGHT...


It's so awesome! I can't believe I a) got it used for only 7.99 and b) remember all the words almost a decade later! This is why school should focus more on what you do retain than what you don't. The outcome of the Crimean War? I dunno. The words to "Spice Up Your Life?" Got 'em!



Janeen Mesmerize said...

i hope your moving journey goes well..