Monday, November 24, 2008

Party Time '08!

Uhhh whoa. Cat. On. A. Cactus. There are so many parties coming up! I'm pretty sure I'll still be in town on December 10th, and by then, I'll probably be fully moved into my new townhouse, so someone totally has to come with me to this! Afterwards, you can totally crash at my place and we'll drink all the liquor we siphoned! Fashion show! Party time! DJ! Shadowscene! Ellei J! Safari Sam's! Hol-la!

Oh sorry about that. I was starting to set the words to a rhythm in my head. Shit was bumpin'.



Valentina said...

Gah I would so love love love to go to this!! Technically the 10th is my last day of classes...although I would have to sacrifice a reading day. Hm, might be worth it.