Tuesday, November 18, 2008

If You Could Only FEEL What I Am Seeing

My math class, Developmental Mathematics 93 AKA Math for those who didn't care enough in high school or on the SATs or on the ELM exam, has been a constant source of entertainment since the year started. From the slightly overcast redhead, to the dudes doing the gangsta lean in the corner, to the kids that are always playing with each other's hair, to the "I'm really just doing this for the credits" tutors, I look forward to going to that class for the people. The lessons? Dude, I learned this stuff twice already.

That's right. I had to repeat Algebra in 9th grade.

Anyway, so what's currently panning out to be a potentially exciting and interesting plot development are the love triangles sprouting up all over the place. Well, they're not exactly "love" triangles per se, since they're all crushes, but this is fun!

Let me lay it out for you guys. There are about 7 key players in this production:

Me (puleeze don't ask how I got stuck in this. It just doesn't pay to be a cute girl who can get along with guys well these days)
Hot Topic Redhead Girl (HTRG)
Blond Chick Whose Name I Don't Know (Blondie)
Girl Who Hangs Out With The Girl Who Lives In My Building (Understudy)

So, despite only knowing him for about 3 months, Blondie likes Chris. She shoots him smiles and laughs when he does stupid shit. Unfortunately for her, Chris likes me. These feelings are unreturned, obvi, because I sorta have a little crush on Eduardo. He's really awesome. It's like a baby crush though...it's definitely not going anywhere. Enter Adrian, who hails from Napa Valley and likes me. He asked me to hang out with him Friday night but I told him I had other plans. (Yeah, sit in front of the cough stuffing my face with cereal right out of the box and making good friends with the Internet) Luckily for me, HTRG enjoys Adrian's company. In fact, I thought he was trying to get with her before he suddenly started trying to woo me for some odd reason. Now here's where the Understudy comes in. She has a thing for Eduardo, who reeeeally doesn't like her. Whatevs. I could touch him before she could. But I won't. I can keep my hands to myself.

You see what I am walking into three days a week? A room full of undersexed, overly hormonal kids who are all lusting over each other. I swear...if you came in there, you'd see it too.



lolitahazed said...

Damn girl, seems like you're a hot commodity!
Understandable. If I was a dude at your college, I would probs be E-jonesing too. Typical.