Sunday, November 2, 2008

Filth And Wisdom

Dudes, it's pretty debatable as to whether or not Filth and Wisdom or Let The Right One In is the best movie of the year. This one was pretty fucking good. In Filth and Wisdom, we're lead by Andre or "A.K.", played by Eugene Hutz, who's the frontman for Gogol Bordello. He basically turns good people bad, and helps the secretly sinful satiate themselves. It's an amazing movie with awesome music, a seriously inspiring story, rock n' roll badassery, sex slaves, filth, wisdom, Britney Spears, British people, handlebar mustaches, Ukranian, and Bourbon in the bathtub.

You guys, you need to see this movie like you need to be awesome. As in immediately, and with haste. Pretty much, now that I've seen this movie, I'm gonna live my life like I'm the coolest person ever and it's going out of style. Like everyone should.



WHOOPI said...

uummm, I wasn't sure if I saw you or not at HARD. I saw someone who had the same hair as you but they weren't dressed up...well I don't think they were....but did you enjoy hard.

Sorry this isn't related to the post.

lolitahazed said...


MACK said...

is this movie in theaters?

Erika said...

@ Alex. Yeah, the release date was Halloween. I saw it last Saturday. It's super good!

MACK said...

it's weird--i've never seen the previews for this before. but it does look interesting and i <3 british people. so now i have something to do tomorrow after i vote! assuming i don't end up standing in line all day.

Erika said...

Yeah, I didn't see previews on regular tv either...I happened to see the previews when I was seeing other indie movies...Madonna directed it and it's an independent film so it won't be in your regular theatre. Good luck voting!