Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Giveaway Winner!

Yeah, I wish I had a better title than that, but I don't. You guys remember the giveaway I had going last week? Well now it's over! And we have a winner!

In case you have amnesia or are retarded, here is a rundown of the contest rules and regulations: think of a super epic band name. That's is. Yeah, it was that easy. And let me say, you guys are amazingly talented when it comes to naming bands. Record labels across the world need to be hiring you guys, stat!

That said, I had to enlist the help of superhuman wonder girl V to make this decision. (I guess it wasn't smart for an indecisive person to have a contest) And the winner is........


Noriah! With the awesome sauce name: She Bangs!

That means Noriah wins the Chester French single, and uh, whatever else I have lying around here. I didn't really put a gift bag together. My b.

Noriah, your fabulosity goes in the mail on Friday! Congrats! And thanks to everyone who entered! It was really sweet that you guys like me that much...oh wait, no, you just like free shit. Those are my favorite kind of girls!

And since I have some kind of uncanny ability to befriend people who work in the music industry, hopefully more giveaways will be possible in the future. Ole!



Valentina said...

But please let it be known that everyone who entered had really really awesome names! But E, can we do an in depth discussion of the general creepiness of the lyrics of She Loves Everybody?

Anonymous said...

whaaaaaaaaat ?!
I never win anything.
Erica, you are the epitome of like.. fuckin' amazing.
you too, V !

Anonymous said...

grrrr, Erika*
my b !