Saturday, August 16, 2008

Don't Leave A Key Underneath The Mat For Me

Tonight is my going away party! That song, "Goodbye" by the Postmarks will be playing in my head. I didn't organize it, some of my friends did. I'm excited because someone else is driving me home. It's all a part of my friends' master plan to get me as drunk as possible so they can use me as a source of entertainment while they remain completely sober. My goal is to wake up in the same place I fell asleep. If not, I'm aiming for a three mile radius.

Everyone seems sad enough, since I'm leaving this hell hole called Atlanta for the Valley on Tuesday. It's a four day drive I'm not looking forward to.

I hope tonight goes well! The party is at El Mexicano, which has the best Mexican food in the city...well aside from going to a Mexican person's house and having them make you dinner. The last time I saw a going away party, a giant monster destroyed half the city, someone dropped the video camera, and a skinny white girl got impaled.

Oh wait, that was Cloverfield. Sry.



sarah morrison said...

damn say hi to la

Valentina said...

OMG, SARAH MORRISON commented! So exciting. Why couldn't I have had a going away party? Oh, right, I have no friends or whatever.

Have fun on the roadtrip! I actually wish I could drive there, I'm just flying out all by myself which is way less exciting. See you in LA girl!!!

MACK said...

oh shit SM in the building. damn erika, you just fulfilled my life goals. and yours, maybe. back to LA! finally! What school are you going to? My best friend just moved to the Valley.

Lolita Hazed said...

Erika, you have arrived.

Oh girl. You and Valentina are going to have so much fun. God, I'm jealous already. Ooh! Ooh! Valentina, will you have Gossip Girl parties and force Erika to come? Do it!

Erika said...

@Alex: I'm going to Cal State Univ of Northridge, in Northridge, CA. And I'm glad I could help you fulfill your life goal! Haha. I think I know what that one was!
@Sarah Morrison: I'll say hi to LA for you! And then hold some kind of memorial in front of American Apparel for you being in NY.I'll invite that crazy girl Alyx.
@V: Girl. We are going to have bananas fun! I'm thinking before we start on the zine we can go graffiti hunting? Photo series!
@Lolita: Don't give her any Gossip Girl related ideas! :O