Monday, October 6, 2008

Man & Wife

So after a very long day of work yesterday, I crawled up three flights of stairs and into my apt, where I threw on a hoodie, some socks, and sat down to watch some TV. I'd missed the first airing of Mad Men, but didn't see it on again at 11pm, so I watched MTV instead. That retarded Paris Needs A Friend show had gone off and now something new was coming on. Apparently, Fatman Scoop and wife Shanda have been running a podcast of sorts, talking about sex, relationships, and love. I guess MTV decided to take them to the big time. Thus Man & Wife was born.

Actually I was sorta hesitant to watch it at first, because it looked kind of shitty, but once I gave it a chance, I liked it! Basically Scoop and Shanda are sitting in this huge bed on stage talking to an audience. Members of the audience can come up and ask queshes on the mic and they answer them. Sometimes people submit queries through video or voicemail submissions. It's completely impromptu and interactive, plus it talks about sex, and all those make for good TV! Scoop answers all questions from a male point of view (hit it and quit it) and Shanda makes up for it with her insightful emotion based answers. I kinda love this show. Last night they talked about the need for communication in a relationship, buying a dildo, and how to get out of having a threesome. It's genius, rly.

Peep the emotional connections on MTV, Monday through Thursday at 11pm.



Chris said...

I am SO watching that...

Lolita Hazed said...

Hey thanx! I never would've thought of watching this if not for your recommendation, I'll totally be checkin' this out!

MACK said...

I caught a few minutes of this, once. I wasn't really paying attention, though. Perhaps I should give it a try?

Carsi said...

I caught it last, I guess they didnt air Mad Men on the west coast the 2nd time. I like Shonda she likes to put Fat Man Scoop in his place and give honest advice. Some of the audience questions were pretty hilarious, like the girl who found out her friend and her bf were messing around.

Anonymous said...

Whassup love, how u doin? Jus brezzin thru ya blog, 1st time and it's defintely dope. Keep up the good work! Defintely Man & wife show is dope, been 2 1 taping in NYC & it totally hilarious.

1 luv

*If you want add me 2 your blogroll, and I'll defintely pass thru & spread luv!*.