Sunday, August 3, 2008

This Week On The Music Front

Ugh, it's Sunday. Normally this would make me so bored and stir crazy I would want to scoop out my eyeballs and eat them with fava beans, but with all the shit that went down this week, this Sunday was a godsend. Plus I definitely had things to look forward to today.

This was a more interesting week for music, Lollapalooza actually notwithstanding. Although it did provide good amounts of interesting stories, pictures, and a big cup of Chi-town haterade for me to sip on. Here's the rundown on everything.


Yes it's true kiddos. Be Your Own Pet is no more. You feel like the longer you pay attention to music, its scene, and the outcome, these kinds of things should not bother you anymore. But as I have followed BYOP since their inception and own all but one of their LPs, CDs, and EPs, this really gets me. Some say it was because they were running into issues with their Get Awkward release, namely censorship problems, but some blamed it on their signing to a big label, Universal, or because they pulled out of the Warped Tour lineup. Whatever it was, it does mean that Jemina and Co. aren't starting any more food fights, telling bitches to leave, or kicking ass at the Dude Zone anytime soon. *Tear slowly rolls down cheek* I hear there are going to be some spinoff bands but NOTHING will be like BYOP. Thank god I got to see them when they opened up for the Arctic Monkeys two years ago.


This ish went down like tranqqued up grizzly from a treelimb. According to NME, we (America) were cool once, then stopped being cool, and now, thanks to 25 new bands, are offish cooler than the other side of the pillow. And while the editors can acknowledge that we have an underground scene like no other, these bands (read:the ones they picked randomly out of assrtd issues of Paste, Fader, Spin, and Filter) are suddenly making us really legit again. Because uh yeah, before Vampire Weekend, we were just a wasteland. This is the list of bands. Try not to get too angry. Or maybe get angry, and go tell other people what you think:

01 Vampire Weekend
02 Lil Wayne
03 Glass Candy
04 Kings Of Leon
06 Spank Rock
07 TV On The Radio
08 Boy Crisis
09 Black Kids
10 Holy Ghost Revival
11 The Hold Steady
12 Fleet Foxes
13 Amazing Baby
14 Jay Reatard
16 The Cool Kids
17 Black Lips
18 Yo Majesty
19 White Denim
20 Telepathe
21 Iglu and Hartly
22 Chester French
23 Girl Talk
24 TheDeathSet
25 Grace Jones

Like, rly? Girl Talk is that far down? And White Denim? And TVOtR wasn't making us cool back when they actually put out an album? Glass Candy certainly deserves to be that high on the list, but, who put this ish together?


I left a comment on Stereogum dealing with all this NME nonsense. Here it is, in full verbatim fashion:

Firstly, good music really is just that. Good music. It comes from Britain and America AND the rest of the UK. Like, Frightened Rabbit are amazing and they're Scottish. Oh yeah, and it DEFINITELY comes from Canada. Stars? The Guest Bedroom? Pony Up? Yes please! Oh yeah, and the Leeds music scene is killing it right now. It deserves something of a recognition since it somehow manages to create a barrier against the shitty typical shetpile of the normal music scene. Oh yeah, and Los Campesinos! Yes please! But keep in mind that NME is the equivalent of a fifteen year old's self published zine. It's whatever music they like...uh,and whoever's show they have a press badge for. I met the dude in TheDeathSet...that band is like Australian. And why are Black Kids and VW so high on that list...because they sound British? Glass Candy pwns and so does Jay Reatard and the Black Lips. But NME did acknowledge that there is a significant underground scene in NY and LA (although those of Philly, Chicago, Atlanta, and Seattle are equally noteworthy), they just choose to ignore it. Whatev. Americans may have had their fill of these bands (Chester French...sigh, whatev), but they're like still hitting the other side of the pond, no? Like Pokemon! But not with Japan, with the UK...okay, so not like Pokemon.

Then I checked my email. I received this message from DA Wallach of Chester French. First I got worried. I get in too much trouble for the things I say on the internet. When that happens, I take a deep breath and ask myself, "What would Sarah Morrison do?" This time I didn't have to:

Hey Erika-

I saw your comment on the stereogum blog where you mention our group, Chester French. I hope no one's had their fill of us yet, since the album isn't even out, but I definitely want to win you as a fan. If you send me your mailing address back I'll mail you a special edition package of our single and shall be sure to get you a copy of the album when it finally sees the light of day! Hope you're having a great weekend.


Normally I'd get psuedo-frustrated for people taking the things I say too seriously, but this guy was just tooooo sweet to get angry at. That's Chester French for you, I guess.
All up in ur emale, leevin u messagez.


Someone actually compared them to a crappier version of the Pipettes. I hope she never goes on to have a music journalism career. If she does, it will probably be writing for NME. The Vivian Girls are hot awesomeness from Brooklyn. They're an all girl band that makes muddy and/or raw rock music. It's great. They're great. They just released a new song from their S/T LP called "Where Do You Run To?" and it's sort of good. Play it on a cool, sunny Autumn day, enjoy your tea, and try to figure out the fastest way to get that still sleeping one night stand out of your bed and into a taxi. Uhhh..."I know it's eight in the morning on a Wednesday, but I have to go to church now..."

As you can see, it's obvi been a busy week for everyone. In other news (ION is going to be the new abreev for that saying, so you know for future ref), Jessica Fletcher's badass friend Mistress Viviane has a new column going on Single Scoop about "the realities of sex." It's really good and worth reading, because we've all had these bedroom bafflers at least once.

And in case you missed it, Adult Swim ran an Old School night on Friday where they showed old episodes of the shows that originally made AS so fantastic: Sealab 2021, The Brak Show, Home Movies, Space Ghost, etc. What is even more fantastic is that I remember all of those shows. Mid 90's born Hannah Montana tweens? You ain't got shit on me! It was also V's birthday on Friday, the 1st of Aug, so Alex, if you catch my girl on the streets, take her by the hand and buy her a cupcake. Jess Fletch can surely recommend you some good places to go. And now the "p" key on my laptop is stuck. Great.

eace easy eo le,


Lolita Hazed said...

byoP split?! *Sigh*. And I could've seen them. Poor things, I was afraid something would go wrong after Jamin left. And unfortunately, compared to their massive success with their first album, Get Awkward got nowhere, which is really sad. This sucks!

It seems like NME has a reputation for making lots of mistakes in certain areas. Lily Allen can't stand them because they've duped her so frequently.
And I personally don't understand the sudden hipster obsession with Lil Wayne, but that's just me.

Erika said...

I know...the last time I saw byop was two years ago...I almost got to see them on the Nylon music tour but it was the same night as my graduation, which I would totez skip for Jemina Pearl, but yeah...Get Awkward as opposed to the debut was a bit of a letdown.

I don't get the Lil Wayne thing either. Why is he just now getting serious recognition this late in the game? Because he wore a kaffiyeh on FNMTV?? Now he resonates with hipsters?

Valentina said...

NOO! BYOP, how could you? This is the worst news ever, totes ruined my post-lolla happy time. I'm gonna blame it on NYLON fucking magaine cause I blame everything on them. I miss them already liked I missed Jamin after he left. Call me J, I looove you!

That list is some seriously fucked up ish. Telepathe?? Have these mothafuckers ever listened to this slam poetry set to music band? Not even my pretentious music snob friends like them, and they like everything. But yay for MGMT, Fleet Foxes, and Black Lips (my new total obsession)! I would proclaim my adoration of Girl Talk, but the lollapalooza fiasco of yesterday has made the mere mention of Girl Talk make me want to cry. Soo disappointing. The Vivian Girls rock though.

Erika, you are my idol for that comment. So fucking funny. I want Chester French and other random bands to leave me emails, I'm gonna go start commenting on stereogum like right now.

Lolita Hazed said...

Jamin has always been such a hottie. I knew it was bad news when he walked out! Erika, did you see them when he was still in the line-up? If so, jealous/*swoon*.
Telepathe is eh. Not super crazy about them. I saw Girl Talk in late June and it was interesting. I didn't have as much fun as I could've considering a few people I didn't want to see were on stage and everyone I knew was there. Dancing has to be an escape for me, you know? Valentina, tell everything! You are spilling all deets soon!

*Sigh*, I LOVE the Black Lips, really. I've liked them ever since I heard Jemina did, but then I watched their performance in Tijuana and was totally lusting. Erika, no fair that you see Cole at concerts! He's been my dirty-boy crush of the summer... must seduce... OMG VALENTINA DID THEY MAKE OUT ON STAGE MUST KNOW *MELT*

Erika said...

I don't know if I saw them when they were all the original lineup Sarah. If he's the afro'd dude (he is, right?) then I think I saw them all together.

And the only reason I see Cole is because the Black Lips are originally from Atlanta. I got to see them when they did this big Atlanta band concert/magazine anniversary celebration and they were wicked. But of course, I was seventeen and I didn't get to go to the infamous afterparty. But yeah, they pop up everywhere around here. I saw him at Diplo, too. You can actually see them at bars here for like, five bucks.

And V I wanna know how everything went down too!!!

Valentina said...

I want to write about it, but right now blogspot is being stupid and not letting me upload pictures! God, trust me, I'm dying to talk about it!

The Black Lips are playing in LA in October. I'm totes gonna be there, E you should come with me!

Erika said...

I will!!! Already have a BL shirt!!

Anonymous said...

dude, what IS Girl Talk?
I suppose I could Google it, which I will, but I keep hearing about this...repetition of things intrigues me! I am so glad you like the new sex column, trust me, it will always be interesting. Miss Viv is one of the few people who can drop by unannounced, eat my food, wear my clothes, and I will still love her. Many laughs WILL ensue! Send more q's whenever you want!

Erika said...

Well Jess Girl Talk is probably one of the coolest guys to hit the mash up/electro scene. He even precedes The Hood Internet? Still confused? What he does is take a bunch of elements from completely different songs (lyrics, bass beats, assrtd noises, etc) and creates a brand new, totally danceable song from them! Girl Talk is sooo much fun!! Enjoy!