Saturday, August 2, 2008

Whoa Party Time!!

This is a little late, I know, but if you read this fast enough, and hurry to catch whatever respective train you ride, you can catch these!! You know Thursday is party day. But so is Saturday!! Here's a quick rundown on all the places to see and be seen tonizzight!!!


Presented by the gorgeously talented Around the Way Girls and YUME Music. The flyer should pretty much tell you everything. The swimwear dress code isn't mandatory, but you're obvi encouraged to have fun with it, duh. Oh, and you didn't hear this from Radio Rose, but ID isn't required...can you keep a secret???

925 Bergen St, Loft 406
Doors at 10 pm


Still feeling froggy after seeing all those shiny, pretty acts onstage at Lolla?! Well the party ain't over yet, son! Head over to the Hideout and catch the post-Lolla jumpoff awesomeness ish that is this party! DJ sets from Oh Snap!!, Cadence Weapon, and the Hood Internet (that will be hot shit right there!!!!). Go before midnight and save yourself three bucks. Plus, I mean, what are you really doing tonight ANYWAY?? Hmmm...?

1354 W Wabansia
Chicago, Ill 60622


Come out and actually enjoy living in Atlanta! Yeah! Check the freshest summer jams with DJ sets by the oh so incomparable, oh so righteous fiends of funk Noot D'Noot and DJ Drop D of Miami. While you're chunky dunking to the music (see...ha, ATL peoples have our own language too!) peep the newest works by artists Hense and Shie. Raw.

7 pm - 3am
644 N. Highland Ave
Atlanta, GA

Alllll right bitchess!! I've covered all of our respective cities. Well, except OK. Sorry Sarah. :( Get out to any of these other dangerous cities and you'll be able to party with us girl!!

Everybody Wang Chung tonight!!!

Oh! And if anyone goes to any of the above listed sweetness events, you have to drop all the Peach Pit girls' names at least once! Ha! You don't just seemed like fun...