Friday, July 25, 2008

Tilly And The Wall: The Aftermath

I took this picture two days ago, at sunset, while driving. I hear that's like, dangerous, or something. But it came out nice, and that's all I care about.

So as you all know, I went to see Tilly and the Wall tonight. Well, I should probably say last night, since it's technically the next day. And let me just say, being so young and all, I've usually felt like the youngest person at a show since most of the venues I frequent are a safe haven for High Life guzzling, high waisted skirt wearing, 23 and 24 year old hipsters. But for once, I actually felt old. There was just a spread of little hipsters in training, ranging from about 15 to maybe 17 at the oldest, that looked as if they'd raided every thrift store and Baby American Apparel in the area. It was almost sad. But mostly it was entertaining.

Anyway, I took mad amounts of pics and whatnot, so now you can feel like you got to rock out to Tilly with me! Even though you didn't.

First, my bf and I went to Village Pizza for early dinner. This is what it looked like. As usual I refused to talk while there was a camera on me. I always look stupid when that happens.

This is the Village Pizza bike, but they don't deliver with it anymore. They just get edgy hipsters to drive their Honda Accords to houses bearing pizzas.

After that, we headed over to the Variety Playhouse. That's when I ran into two people I went to high school with. Awkward...So after that I ran into the Coathangers before they took the stage. They said "hi" to me and then began speaking to me in warm, friendly tones which immediately made my bf look like a douche because he didn't believe that I knew them. I don't know why those red spots in the eyes are so obvious, but I look really flushed because it was pretty hot in that place.
Then there was a man running around, talking to members of the Coathangers, dancing with himself, funneling drinks, etc. He threw himself into the picture, very yearbook style.

After we shot snaps, the girls went on.

So then we saw the Ruby Suns, but none of the pictures turned out well, so I won't force you to strain your eyes and/or cock your head to the side at odd angles so they look okay. But I did talk to some kids about how sexy the drummer/lead vocalist was. The Ruby Suns had New Zealand accents, so all the girls were pretty much ready for marriage by the time they finished.

Then it was Tilly and the Wall!!! During the set transition, they played Justice and Outkast and yet the only two black people in there (i.e. us) were the ones dancing. People laughed at us though, with sort of envious smiles, like "Lord, why can't I dance that well and without inhibition?" But back to Tilly!!

The girls were so on point with their clothing, ya'll. I think I read somewhere that Peggy Noland and Mooka Kinney outfit them, so it makes sense.

After their set, the crowd continued to cheer and clap and make a ton of noise. See, it's a Variety Playhouse tradition for the band to leave the stage, then the audience keeps clapping and cheering, and the band comes back on to play one more song. Tilly and the Wall were no exception. They all came back out and played "The Freest Man" and then, my personal favorite, "Night Of The Living Dead," which I figured they HAD to play since it has a lot of lyrics about Atlanta. It was rad.

Oh yeah, sorry about how mildly blurry these pictures are. Then again, there's a reason I don't put "professional photographer" on my resume. Oh yeah, and in case anyone was wondering, I was wearing a high-waisted jumper, my homemade Coathangers shirt (yeah I actually made that shirt! And I always get queshes from people asking me where to buy it!), and pink sneakers from Urban Outfitters. I was pretty fucking hipster-ed out, son.

Oh! And that reminds me! I won't be here at The Disco for the weekend since me and my amiga are road-tripping to Tennessee to see one of my old high school friends. So until Sunday night, you guys'll just be hearing from Miss Lolita Hazed, but that's still a treat, right?

Catch ya'll mothasuckas on the motherflipping flip side!



Mz.Sullivan said...

Looks fun! Good recap! You also finally got a taste of us 20 somethings medicine! Oh, how old I feel sometimes...
Oh, and I like how when black people dance, white people like to clap, as if its a performance. So cute.

Anonymous said...

dude that guy is cory nitta (pink enemy!!!!!!!!) he is bffz with maggy rogow.

your pretty!

Anonymous said...

oh guy im refering to is the one that 'threw himself in every picture'

MACK said...

love your JUMPER. its hipster-esque, RADNESS in a bottle.

AND TENNESSEE!!! I LOVE TENNESSEE!!! not really, but i did live there once. I think I had an accent for like 3 years. It was weird.

Erika said...

Haha that's awesome. I personally hate TN, because every time I go I have a terrible time. I went there once and caught a cold, and then again and it was soooo boring, so now...what'll happen? I might get robbed or skin my knee or something.

And actually I bought that jumper from Forever 21 for only about 23.00!! Steal of the century!

Anonymous said...

awwwwww, erika, how cute are you?!!! i love the pics of you, you look like you're having fun!