Sunday, September 7, 2008

Dope Fiend

We all know about Steven Shein and his respective hawtness. His precision cut woodblocks are insane. I would love the double sided heart pendant and the FUCK necklace. But more than that, I want a Missbehave nameplate. Does anyone remembers the Missbehave necklace from Issue #3? There's only supposed to be four in the world. So if I can't have a goldplated Missbehave logo with a diamond star over the "i", then I'll take this almost-as-cute pink reflective-plexi version. Steven Shein you have delivered once more, and for that, I thank you. Oh, and if you feel like the pink one just isn't dope enough for your taste, you can cop the thicker inlay version.
Yay Steven Shein. Yay Karmaloop. Yay jewelry. Yay.



Anonymous said...

ummm i remember reading this on sarah morrisons myspace blog. and her missbehave blog.

just sayin. hahahahahahahahahaha.

Erika said...

Yeah, I figured I would be late on this, but I like them just the same. They were under the new I guess I assumed they were new. Oh well!

That's an awful lot of laughter, btw.

MACK said...

karmaloop is like the holy grail. i am becoming increasingly BROKE-er. Thanks for contributing, Erika! Now let's all buy this instead of books for school and take pictures and send them to MissBehave. Yay!