Sunday, September 21, 2008

Let's Do It Again!

So it sort of came to my attention as I was driving along Sunset Blvd tonight that I haven't heard/looked into any new remixes lately. I also haven't posted any good remixes in a long time. Maybe it's the club kid in me, but I love a good remix. Not the warehouse bullshit that's just sounds and blips and electronic squeaks over some basic bass beat. No, I like the real remixes, the reinterpretations and reevaluations...the kind made for you to listen to on your headphones, not when you're hopped up on E and waving pink glowsticks on a sweaty dancefloor. Although those are fun nights too!

And seeing as I once aspired to be one of those DJs that specialized in the club scene (that's a whole other story altogether!) know, the kind you read about on Missingtoof that make those monthly mini-mixes (whoa alliteration!)...I have a shit ton of good remixes just lying around. So here's my WNTR RMX PLYLST (or my winter remix playlist. I thought it looked cooler abreeved, yes?) And I know it's still a month or two until full blown winter, but...well don't get so caught up in the details, okay??


Crystal Castles v Health: "Crimewave (Sinden Remix)"

Paper Route Gangstaz: "Bama Gettin Money (Diplo Remix)"...this one is one of my fave jams!

Bloc Party: "Hunting for Witches (RAC Remix)"...the only remix of this song I haven't already posted...I guess it's pretty remix-able!

Glass Candy: "Clowns (Ssion Remix)"...does anyone remember Glass Candy? I talked about them awhile back...

Klaxons: "Atlantis to Interzone (True Psuedo Remix)"

Now download these rmxs, turn up your laptop's speakers reeeeally loud, and be musically cultured jerks everywhere! Yay!