Wednesday, September 24, 2008

BBC America Should Run For President

So now that we've gotten cable at the apt, I've been watching television 24/7 to cope with any bad feelings I have. TV is such a good distraction because it gives you a break from your life, but it does it in one or half hour bursts, so once the laughtrack subsides and the end credits roll, you can pick your flabby ass up off the couch and remember you owe 600.00 for rent and the only things you haven't consumed are a cup of instant mashed potatoes and a can of string beans you don't even remember buying.

And then today we got the cable company to install a cable box so I (okay...we) could get hooked up with all the fancy channels I didn't get to watch before, like G4, the Lifetime Movie Network...and BBC America. Which is fucking. Amazing. The only thing I would love to add to the network is GlobeTrekker, but we can't have everything, now can we?

I swear, if I could only have like five channels, I would have the CW, vh1, G4, a news channel, and the BBC. I can literally turn on the TV and watch episodes of Absolutely Fabulous, Coupling, (the best version of) the Office, Jamie Oliver At Home. Gavin and Stacey, and now...Skins. I guess I'll get into that show now that I don't have to get all e-savvy to watch it. (Also, I had no idea that little boy from About A Boy grew up to be in that show! Whoa he got...aged!)

I mean, it just doesn't get any better than this. Oh wait, yes it does. I can also watch The Graham Norton Show, Dr. Who, and How Clean Is Your House? not to mention MI-5, Monty Python's Flying Circus, and the supremely sophisticated BBC News.

It's almost as if everything becomes funnier and more interesting once you throw in a bitchin' accent and a steering wheel on the right side!

Anyone else get BBC America? No? Sucks for you! Hahahaha! Sorry...that was insensitive. I'm going to go back to watching Coupling and mimicking their accents. Lucky for me I've seen this episode before so I know what they're going to say before they say it. Good on ya!



Valentina said...

OMG, you have cable! That's so awesome!! And yes, BBC America is pretty much the shit. I literally used to sit at my mom's house watching it for hours on end. You have to get into Skins, E! It's like, the best show ever. I think if I had to name a favorite tevee show, it would have to be Skins. Or Weeds. Or maybe Beverly Hils 90210. Oh, shit, I have to stop watching television.

Hayley said...

I can't tell you how long I've spent scouring the internet trying to find season 2 of Skins. I am officially obsessed. Why do the Brits get all the good TV?