Thursday, September 11, 2008

We'll Be Dancing By The Fire, Fire, Fire

Well this morning was the best start for a day I could have asked for. Someone in an apt below me must have said "Hey, let's start a fire." Naturally everyone around him agreed. And by doing said suggestion, they set off all the fire alarms in every apartment and the hallways. Just imagine those fire drills you used to have back in middle and high school, the loud ones with no warning. Okay, now imagine waking up to one at 8:30 am.

Thanks guys!

I thought it was my alarm, so I turned that off, but the noise continued, so I thought "Oshit, let me check the kitchen." Nothing. I was the only one home. So I grabbed my key and walked out into the hallway where the noise was unbearable. Five minutes later, I'm standing outside with the other tenants, no shoes on, wearing just a t-shirt and leggings, hair unbrushed, face unwashed, teeth unbrushed...I had just a little more dignity than when I have to do my walk/drive of shame home.

The fire department arrives, assesses the sitatuation; we watch as the flooded water comes pouring out of the little gutters underneath the apartment. People are moaning because they have to get to work/class/breakfast/something. I'm moaning because I still had two more hours to sleep. So now I'm back, wide awake, forced to actually get ready to go to school.

So, yeah, thanks guys for giving me the best wakeup I've had...ever! I really apreesh it, really I do! I love the feeling of cold morning air when I'm wearing next to nothing. Oh! And I really like it when people try to have extended convos with me when I haven't brushed my teeth! I owe you guys one!



Chris said...

That sucks @ss...I'm really sorry about it, for real.

MACK said...

freshman year, spring semester, finals week. some assholes decide to set the alarms off in all the freshman buildings as a "prank". cute idea, really. they did it once, we all saw it coming. exit building at around midnight. alarm sounds again, at 1230. and again, at 1. and AGAIN. they went off every 30mins until about 230. WTF OMG I WANTED TO KILL SOMEONE. I stopped leaving after the second time. school threatened to fine me, violating fire saftey code or something. jerks.

MACK said...

oh, did you get issue no. 9 yet? i went in barnes & noble, was depressed because i didn't see it, and on my way out i spotted it on the shelf. yay!

Erika said...

No, I can't find a BnN in the stupid Valley. I'm going to have to outsource. And I rly want to read it!!!