Sunday, September 28, 2008

Inspiration: Absolutely Fabulous

Um, who doesn't love Absolutely Fabulous? If you don't, I don't want to know you. Oh, and if you've been living in a nasty black underground bubble that has prohibited you from learning anything of the outside world for over a decade, allow me to cue you in to the genius that is AbFab. You have Edina (Eddy), the flamboyant, wild haired drama queen who's supposedly working in PR but is basically rich off alimony payments, who hates her ex-husband and mother, loves pills and drugs of any kind, and over exaggerates everything from her movements to her wardrobe. Then you have Patsy, the young-in-mind chain smoker who usually has her platinum blond hair in an expert twist. She was born to a hippie mother and never knew her father. She's an advocate of younger men, liquor, face lifts, and picking fights in Eddy's defense. Add to that mix Saffron (Saffy), Edina's normal, plain, "dull as dishwater" daughter who's desperate to move into her university's residence halls to escape the hell that is her home, where she must take care of Edina, endure daily criticisms and vitriolic comments from Patsy, and help her grandmother. Basically, Eddy and Patsy get into the most ridiculous adventures, hatch the craziest schemes, and constantly try to prove to those around them that they are as absolutely fabulous as they believe themselves to be.

So you see, if you're not watching this show, you should be. It still airs on BBC America and you can actually find episodes on VHS for very little, or buy seasons on DVD for equally affordable prices. But all that background knowledge is just so you can adequately enjoy the fashion collage I put together with these lovely and fab ladies in mind! This one is inspired by Eddy, just so you know. Enjoy!



Carsi said...

love AbFab, I don't have BBCAmerica :-(. I miss when Comedy Central used it air it back in the day for hours on end. Trying to save up to get that box set :-)

MACK said...

I saw that Polyvore gadget, but havent gotten a chance to play with it yet.