Thursday, September 25, 2008

Girl Cut In Two

Since Young People Fucking is no longer playing in theatres (but will be on DVD October 14), and I needed something to appease my distraught little heart, I'm going to see this tonight. I'm not really one for subtitled films since they require you to pay so much attention to the movie, but being the Francophile I am, I cannot refuse a good French film. Peep the trailer below, agree with me, then become insanely jealous that we are not extremely good friends with each other's phone numbers so I am unable to text or call you to invite you to come with. Au revior!

"Girl Cut In Two"

Sorry if this trailer doesn't have subtitles, but the one that does is on the IMDB. Of course, that version can't be embedded. Whatevs. Intrigue and murder have no language barriers!



Chris said...

I did find a link to download YPF, but I didn't want to watch it at work...since I'm sure there is a massive amount of nakedness in the movie.