Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The "Real" Real World

Real World is a situation we've been dealing with since way back when. And more recently, College Hill came up as well. Here's the problem: seven good looking kids/adults (depending on what shows you're watching) are living in a nice ass area in a nice ass house, getting some cushy ass jobs. Where's the real?

So this is what I propose. We take seven good looking kids/adults, and build a nice ass house in a badass area. Then let them live in it. With no alarm systems, just baseball bats. And then force them to get jobs with no help, just pens, resumes, and this "natural charm" these kids/adults are supposed to have. Keep them there for three months, videotape it, and let everyone see just how real the world can be.

I'm seeing Real World Inglewood, Real World Bankhead, Real World 4th Ward, Real World Compton...and then College Hill East LA, College Hill Indian Creek...the list can really been endless. As long as there is a hood, there will be a Real World. Hopefully MTV can get that in production right after this season of From G's to Gents is over.



veronicalally said...

Other good options...

Real World Carol City
Real World Liberty City
Real World Opa Locka
Real World Gary, Indiana
Real World P.G. County
Real World Agua Fria / Espanola, NM
Real World North Brazil
Real World Hollygrove
Real World Anacostia
Real World Hagerstown MD (not that it's that dangerous..It's just awful)

Valentina said...

Well this new season is being filmed in Brooklyn. Red Hook to be exact. That's pretty close. What are the little boozer real world kids supposed to do for fun? Go to Ikea? Actually that's a great idea, they should just let them live and work in Ikea. I'd watch that.

Real World Detroit.

lolitahazed said...

Damn, I love that idea, especially the whole bat part. If you live in a HUGE house, of course people will want to rob you! That's the beauty! Ooh, no locks either! Fantastic. I wish you'd present this to MTV.

Ikea is also a fantastic idea. "If I see ONE MORE lingenberry, I'll... GET THAT FUTON AWAY FROM ME!"