Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm On Craigslist!

So everyone knows I have to move out of my current living situation ASAP! If you don't know that by now, you obvi haven't been purveying the Tumblr. Anyway, so I thought to myself, how can I move this along a little bit? You're thinking..."By getting a goddamn j-o-b already?!" And you're totally right! I'm trying! Today, I drove all the way over to Van Nuys just to look into a position that was already filled! So you see, I'm trying! Pinky promise...

And then I thought, "Why not go to Craigslist? I'm looking for somewhere to live, people are looking for tenants/roommates, etc."

Now you, good people, can find me, Erika, ALLZ over Craigslist like white on rice! Yay! If you're feeling inquisitive, just look into my fab ad!

I don't know about you, but I think it's pretty well written and awesome. I'll be out of here in no time!



Anonymous said...

your pathetic

'if the sound of sex bothers you' OH PLEASE. Stop trying to be funny, it just doesn't come naturally.


Anonymous said...

OH and sarah morrison posts a blog about craiglists. what do we have here? um boring.

Rhea said...

Good luck finding a place. =D

TBH, telling people that you're going to be having loud sex probably isn't the best way to find a roommate. Just saying.

When I was looking for apartments 2 months ago I just asked if guests were ok and then I would have my ex over and if they heard us having sex then that was my business because I pay rent and can do whatever I want.

Rooming with another girl/gay guy who has a bf/gf makes that situation a lot less awkward.

Chris said...

This "Anonymous" cat either needs to grow some balls and say their name or get a life...and the ad was fine...I wish you well; if I was an 18/19 year old chick in North Hollywood, I'd hit you up.

Erika said...

You have got to be fucking kidding me. Rly? All these times I've told you to fuck off anonymous and you're still that stubborn? How pathetic is that? Hmmm? You say I'm "obsessed" with Sarah Morrison but you continue to read my blog everyday so you must be obsessed with me, which is, to be honest, weird and ridiculous, since I don't know, don't care to know you, and I wish you were never born. And Jesus Christ, you would think since the last time we spoke you would have gotten the hint! The proper use of the word there is "you're" as in a form of being, not possession. Goddammit, you really must be as stupid as you sound. So go ahead, keep coming back leaving your lame-ass vitriolic comments. I can take it. I promise. But if YOU'RE (that's the correct way to use a word, btw), going to keep it up, as least use a name! Gawd, and just how hard is it to live life with no balls?