Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Name's Paul, and This Is Between Ya'll

Back when I was still in high school and dreaming of going to LA, my mom told me I had to have a thick skin, because not everyone was nice, or accommodating, or considerate. She told me some personal stories and I realized I would have to get a lot tougher and a lot stronger if I wanted to last out there. See, people are very nice in Atlanta. If you were carrying groceries home and like, an orange fell out of the bag but you didn't notice and kept on walking, someone would pick it up and run up to you saying breathlessly, "Here's. Your. Orange." And then you all would smile and life would continue. I certainly was not prepared.

But you know what? The last place I thought would give me any grief was the internet. Maybe I didn't know what I was getting into. Maybe the greats really didn't have it easy. Life on top is rough...the air is thin and you have to follow the special baking directions on the Betty Crocker boxes to account, but I love it up here and I'm not coming down.

Which means all you anonymous commenters and people who generally just have something mean to say can pretty much do so. I won't trip for even a second. Someone telling me I'm "obsessed" with Sarah Morrison doesn't make me upset. Espesh because it's not true. Or if someone says I'm trying to hard to be funny. Bitch please, I know I'm funny. I don't need validation for that shit. Or anyone else telling me any other shit that's just plain nasty. It doesn't make me cry, or sad, or hurt, or anything. It makes me laugh that someone would take this much time out of their meaningless life to say something rude to a complete stranger. So go ahead! This blog is an open forum, and although that meant it was for ideas and thoughts to be exchanged respectively from person to person, you random ass people can turn it into a place for mudslinging. This blog isn't my entire life so it's pretty sad if it's yours.

Now if you'll excuse I'm going to continue knocking bitches out the box.


Oh, and in case no one got it, the title of this post is a line from Pulp Fiction, which I watched last weekend because I don't have cable.


Mz.Sullivan said...

People can be so wack...but if you ever see their face just beat their ass, that always make me feel better. But of course they won't make theirselves known. lol!

narrylikes said...

someone once said that gossip is like butter: easy to spread but difficult to swallow. i believe the same thing can be said about people who have nothing better to do than post rude (aka jealous) comments.

i think your blog is great!

MACK said...

unknown little man or woman is super lame. rudeness doesnt transfer to humor (in this case) sooo, BEAT IT. thanks. make your own blog and maybe it'll make you feel better about yourself.

your craigslist ad is cool! i looked for apt's on craiglist and weeeell, theres some creepy people in queens, lol.

my nails are on missbehave! i just saw it!!! my wireless had its period today and i had to come to my friends building to use the internet. super gay. but YAY! i'm glad everyone liked took me forevers to do my right hand, lol. i'm going to do them again and try some new stuff. nail art, heeeyyyy!

Jennifer Farris said...

I know! I had the same bs happen over at my blog. Well who ever the two people were...they had email addresses that couldn't be found through any social networking sites. Which means they probably do that shit day in day out. What a bunch of losers.

Keep on keepin' on like I know you will. xo