Monday, September 22, 2008

Mad for Mad Men

I know this show has been spoken about once before and also a million times before. But dammit, this shit is just getting doper and doper as the season unfolds. When I first got here, I watched the episodes I missed online, but now that I have cable again, I can keep up to date.

So far we've seen Don find a new psuedo-mistress (the old yet seductive Bobbie Barrett) and now Betty's starting to catch on. She's confronted Don, but it's futile since he just continues to lie about it. Betty's also starting to blossom into her own independent person, which is pretty interesting to see. Peggy's still the same, trying to get her life back together after giving away custody of her baby, but now she's hanging out with Father Gill, the awesome guitar player and strangely aloof/helpful friend boy. She's also thriving in her new job as junior copywriter. Joan's got a fiance and her boobs seemed to have gotten bigger. But maybe that's just me. Sadly, the random single mother Helen Bishop they brought on last season isn't getting any script play but maybe they'll bring her back? And is anyone lusting after Betty and Joan's clothing? Like, do they even make dresses like that anymore? I think not.

Anyone else totally loving the new season?? Oh yeah and if you are not watching this you fail. Kthxbai!



MACK said...

heroes season 3 tonight. 3 hour premiere event! yay! too bad i won't be watching it. ha. i'm going to a movie screening for sex drive w/ 21-7. that's slightly cooler, right? i still feel sort of heartbroken that i'll have to experience the beauty the next day, online. this has nothing to do with mad men. hm. i've never seen this show. i fail.

lolitahazed said...

Dude I haven't gotten to watch ANY Mad Men yet. I'm totally jealous, I need to get started on that. I have True Blood though, and that feels like enough! OMGITSSOGOOD. If you haven't watched it yet, you should start! It's UH-MAZING. Kind of obsessed.