Thursday, September 25, 2008

Edible Men Taste Like Dark Chocolate?

I have never understood the allure of Axe Body Spray. Strike that. I was in high school once. I get it. 14 and 15 year old boys think bathing in it will get them well-endowed blond pigtailed European girls that look good in bikinis just like in the commercials. That's cool. They have about two more years to learn that usually the only girls that date dudes that smell like that are of the Jersey Shore, Staten Island variety. Not saying, just saying.

Even still, I have a hard time finding the demographic this commercial would appeal to. Maybe bakers? Guys who work in grocery stores? Maybe they are looking to capitalize on girls' period cravings. Also let me say this is one of the scariest fucking things I've seen in a commercial since Ronald McDonald. Kthx.



Dinah said...

I vomited in my mouth when I saw this commercial. It's almost as bad as that mentos water cooler commercial.

WTF America?

Mz.Sullivan said...

lmfao! I loved the part when the girl on the bus bit his booty...classic.