Sunday, September 21, 2008

Just E This Time...

Normally this would be an EVBNO style post I guess...but it's just me! Yesterday I was determined to get out of the apt. My mom left me a text suggesting I take my bike and go riding at Venice Beach...and that sounded fine...until I remembered beach=humidity. Black girls have this thing where unless they have access to a flat iron, an electrical outlet, and a mirror, they will not let anything happen to their hair. That means no pool, no rain, and especially no humidity. It's like the silent killer, ya'll. So I voted nay on la playa and decided to stay inland instead.

I went to Silverlake (which is actually a really great place if you get past the general superiority vibe and don't mind if people ask you how long it takes for your bangs to grow out or talk to you about music and politics like they're the same thing) and got lunch at Psychobabble Cafe. I was so tempted to take a photo of my meal because it looked and tasted fantastic but I was sort of being stared down, so I didn't. But it was amazing. I had a cheese panini, Caesar salad and mint tea. Gawd, sometimes eating healthy IS good. Who knew, right??

After that, I parked and walked to Berda Paradise. On the way, I got weird, incredulous looks from everyone on the street. I think Rumer Willis is right. I think I dress more like a New Yorker than an Angeleno. Hmmm...anyway I was wearing my Missbehave X Nails Did tee, a pair of black tights, and white flats. Didn't go over so well I suppose.

Anyway, if you don't know what Berda Paradise is, it's this uber amazing thrift store that works in conjunction with the Sunset Free Clinic so the proceeds from what you buy there go to the Clinic! So you can have fun shopping and give someone a free test for Chlamydia! Sharing is caring...So like I was saying, Berda Paradise has just about everything from books, clothing, hats, bags, shoes, records, vintage bottles, if that's your thing...I found a skirt and a sweater that were adorable, and then, oh, the records! I got two Petula Clark vinyls, an old Billie Holiday pressing, and a Barbra Streisand record.

Did I ever tell you guys how awesome I think Babs is? I'll do it sometime.

So after that I drove to Sunset Blvd, went to Amoeba Records and found three seasons of Absolutely Fabulous on VHS for only 1.99 each! I pretty much grabbed them all. Oh and then I had to REbuy that fucking badass Justice record since mine was stolen...all in all I spent way too much money.

Annnnd to wrap this ish up, I had to show my ID just to buy a lighter at the 7-11, I got honked at by an ambulance, the dude at the public parking lot ripped me off, I read on the ticker over the Wachovia bank building that the Hadron Collider will be out of service for at least two months, and MIA's on the side of a building.

I can't wait to do it again! Lookout weekend! Sry for the shittastic pictures. It started getting dark by the time I began shooting snaps. Ah well!



MACK said...

queens is so ass. new york is so ass. i want to come to LA. now, now, NOW.

Jessica Fletcher said...

How is school going? I keep meaning to ask you.

Valentina said...

No no no, LA is alright, but gawd, NYC is the greatest place in the world. But omg E, I'm so jealz of you. Your day sounds like it was incredible. I've been sitting in my stupid room all weekend trying to absorb as much information as possible for my spanish test tomorrow. Which I'll fail anyway. Sigh.