Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I love to swear. I try to incorporate "curse words" into my daily vocab as much as possible. I swear in my dreams, on paper, out loud, and in my thoughts. Nothing feels as satisfying as a good, well deserved "Shut The Fuck Up!" It's awesome. Mostly because I think it's sort of interesting and humorous that a few choice four letter words can make some people so uncomfortable. Honestly, with all the other words created to make people wriggle in their seats (enema, cum, cunt, bulge, squelch, and my personal issue word, juggernaut), why take offense to ones that sound so silly? Have you ever heard a toddler swear? It's fucking adorable!

The best thing about cuss words is that they have characters of their own. If some badass chick with a badass attitude said, "Aw, hell naw!" it would pass as acceptable. People would nod or shake their heads in agreement. But if some squeaky clean, penny loafer wearing Brady Bunch extra type girl was to say it, you know everyone would say "Shut up" or just give her the side eye. I find swears fascinating. Up until I was about 7, I thought "shoot" was a cuss word too. I would hesitate when people said "shoot the ball" or when I wanted to ask them something and they said "shoot!"

But once I hit middle school, language in all its forms was free game. And I haven't washed this mouth out with soap since. I love Rated R movies because they swear so much. I watch things on FX because there's less censoring. When I meet a man who can use "fuck" casually and effortlessly, I melt a little. That's what I like so much about V. Anyone heard her speak in real life? That girl's got quite the potty mouth and I love it!

My fave swear is "shit." It's so useful! Like, "oh shit!" or "shit is going down!" or "everything's gone to shit!" When I'm around my mother I have to sub "crap" in, but mentally I'm using "shit." But "bitch" is a promising runner-up. Unless it's used in contempt, the word is pretty much perfect. Ever been called a bitch during sex? It's really hawt! When I see my friends, I go "what up bitches?!" A lot of women seem to get offended by the use of bitch in common everyday settings, although I don't see why. Isn't this another one of those taking the word back from "the man" type sitches? Whatev.

Swear a lot world. I like to hear it!

Catch you bitches later and shit,


Valentina said...

Haha, it's true I do like the swear words. It's one of my defining characteristics. My fav is obvi fuck/fucker. It's just so perfect in every situation. I also love calling everyone and anyone bitches...used properly it's maybe one of the best words ever. Oh man, I curse way too much.

Mz.Sullivan said...

My pseudo boo calls me a bad bitch, when we are in bed. And he makes me repeat it. I feel good that I am not alone in this shit!!! lol!

Chris said...

I'm an emotional user of these words...they always have extra emphasis on them when I say them...and I don't say them that much, just to make sure you know something is happening...