Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Did Anyone Else Know About This???

MIA made a video for "Paper Planes!" Did anyone else know? This album came out last year, so I am a day late and a dollar short on this one? Oh well, it's still AWEsome. MIA is so rad.

During a random poll I once conducted while waiting for MIA outside Criminal for an in-store record signing on Halloween, I found that pretty much 80% of people's favorite cut from Kala is "Paper Planes." 15% of people love "Come Around" more, but I, the resilient 5%, love "Jimmy." That song is so it for me.

Anyway, I think this song is kinda timeless and works no matter what city you're in, so it's versatile too. It doesn't matter if I am late with this one. Everyone needs some MIA in their lives. Except for Sarah Morrison.

If you haven't gotten Kala yet, you really fucking need to. Thx!



Anonymous said...

Yeah, she did this awhile back and got a lot of shit for doing the video in America...she was on tour...didn't have enough time to go home...did it. Errbody got pissed.

Whatevs, I love Maya and and Paper Planes. $20 is a close second though. M.I.A. X The Pixies?!?! Loves it.

I'm glad Sarah Morrison made you turn on comments, your shit is rad.

Anonymous said...

I don't mind her. She sampled an awesome Wilcannia Mob song called 'Down River', and called it 'Mango Pickle Down River' on Kala.

The Wilcannia Mob formed after an initiative to help native Australian kids record music. They were HUGE here in Aus when it first came out. I love them!

ATM though, im diggin Santogold.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy is for sure the best song on Kala. I mean, I love Paper Planes, but it pales in comparison to Jimmy