Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ohai Teddy Geiger: Singer/Actor!

Well, today was a day. It involved some chocolate chip cookies, bad sex, Wikipedia browsing, baby oil, that movie Car Wash, and a dentist appointment. Not in that order. I was feeling really nuh-uh about today but then I came home and saw this...the trailer for the new movie, The Rocker:

Gawd, now I feel soooo much better! Maybe the sex wasn't so bad! Those cookies were AWEsome! My teeth are cleaner! Baby oil smells good!

You can't tell me it's not uber exciting to see Rainn Wilson doing something that lets him be super funny...and one of the main characters! And Jonah Hill is in it! And it's not Superbad! And Teddy Geiger! He's acting (read: not singing!) Yay! I can ogle Teddy Geiger and his major adorability without having to listen to his Dave Matthews Band wannabe music!


Check HEREZ to see if there's a free screening in your town. Yeah, you have to pretty much sell your soul to get free admission into the screening, but what's one measly soul for the permanent immortalizing of the Geigermeister and the Wilsonator?

All further use of the words "Geigermeister" and/or "Wilsonator" must be hereby accredited to me. Holla.