Monday, June 9, 2008

Keep It Cool...Ass Ninjas That Is

Okay, so it's almost offish. The Cool Kids' EP, The Bake Sale, drops in stores tomorrow. FINALLY. I mean, you can cop the shit off iTunes right now, but for those of us that like to hold a CD, like to read the paper inside the case, like the act of putting the CD into your car stereo and listening to it for the first time, well, now we'll have gratification.

But in the meantime, and by meantime, I mean until tomorrow, you can get a muy sabroso taste of what the Cool Kids are going to offer you with their Cool Ass Ninjas mixtape. Another fine sampling of beats, rhymes, and AWEsomeness.

You can get it here. Tracklisting below.

Cool Kids Intro
Gold and a Pager
Mikey Rocks
Oscar the Grouch
One, Two
Black Mags
Action Figures
Loose Leaf Paper
Pump Up the Volume
Gettin' It (feat. Lil Wayne)
Get Busy
A Little Bit Cooler
That'll Work
Chicago Zoo
Stove Top

And if you can't hear it, pump up the volume!