Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Perhaps The Best 80s Song To Be Created Post 80s

I have not posted anything today. I'm sure that's obvi. That's because I went to H&M today and bought this really rad jumper and chatted up the sales associate. She has bangs and a haircut like mine, and suddenly we were two besties, with everything in common. I complained about how many people call me Rihanna. She gabbed about how much she liked Rihanna. I rebuttled in an opposite fashion. Then Saliesha from Top Model came up. She's never seen the show. Upon that admission, I paid for my jumper and left. The rest of the convo was doomed.

Anyway, I started thinking about 80s songs after watching the music video for "Hello" for like the umpteenth time, and that brought me to this.

Van She
is Australian. They are also remix gods. And techno divas. They are a lot of things. If this was high school, Van She might be voted Biggest Overachiever.

Back in 2006, they made an EP. With this song on it. Obvi, this girl is very popular around the music world.

This song is AWEsome because it sounds so uber 80s pop. But it was made over two decades later! Yeah! Do the math! Yeah! Over 20 years! Aren't you smart?!


Van She: "Kelly"

Be careful with those crimping irons kids!