Monday, June 9, 2008

Like, Awwwww!

Yesterday, while I was up watching Metalocalypse on Adult Swim (duh), I got this email on my Blackberry. (Yes, I had to mention I have a Blackberry. YES, it makes me better than you, stop asking)

I actually enjoy your blog. I didn't know you have a blog until I decided to click on your name thing (free promo bitchesss, take note) on missbehave like a week ago : ). I look forward to what you have to say. Whoo!

Well I don't know Monique personally, but I've offish decided that she's rad. Are people really reading this blog? And enjoying it? I would have never dreamed. Nobody else listens to me, except my boyfriend, but I think he just nods his head and tries to fast forward to when I stop talking and we have sex. ANYWAY, this just makes me happy. I hope people read this and agree or disagree, but I hope it starts something.

Sorry no one can leave comments, but I am far too cool and busy to deal with comments. I learned that from another rad chick.

So yep. Thx.