Sunday, June 22, 2008

New Look, Obvi

Okay, this post is almost unnecessary but I have to do it. I got a new layout, one that is actually pretty AWEsome and epic and rad. Offish now, Asians rule. 'Cos they definitely hooked me up with this sweet layout. See the photo collage?! Can you do that? No! No you can't!

Asians can! And we're not even talking graphic designers here, kay? 13 and 14 year old Chinese schoolchildren are pumping these shits out! That totally sounded like a poop joke, but these kids are designing some heavy shit!

See that attention to detail?! The bar at the top with the quote?! Gorgeous!!

It's so rad, I could talk about this layout all day, but I won't because this really doesn't need to be a post. Kthxbai. Asians rule. For serious.